Sort lommebok m/flat powerbank

• 5000 mAh litium batteri
• 4 LED lys som indikerer gjenstående batterikapasitet og ladestatus
• Passer bra til smarttelefoner opp til 150x80mm (HxW)
• Ladetid: 7 hours med 5V / 1A adapter eller 3.5 timer med 5V / 2A adapter
• Har 6 credit card lommer + lomme for mynter + lomme for kvitteringer
• Input / output strøm: DC5V / 1A
• Materiale: Cross pattern PVC skinn
• Inkludert: USB til mikro USB kabel med adapter for USB C + iPhone lightning


Every moment becomes more enjoyable when you are fully charged. With its integrated power bank, cPURSE holds the power to an easy charge on the move. Just connect your smartphone to the purse and restore your power. The simple and chic purse allows you to keep your credit cards, money as well as your smartphone safe in just one place.

cPURSE comes in three beautiful colours uniquely handpicked by our designers according to the latest trends. 
Simply choose your absolute favourite version of cPURSE to complete your style. And make sure that you are always prepared with a recharge when you’re out in town.

Lommebok m/powerbank

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